About Jeff

My Family

Katie, Jennie (the bride), Caroline, Eric (son-in-law), Dianne (my Wife!+28 years of joy), Olivia, me.


WYROC Materials, dba of Regional Materials, Inc.http://www.wyroc.com

Linking Charitieshttp://www.lc4biz.com



Native of and living in So. Cal; BYU Graduate; LDS; married and father of 4 daughters; Owner of companies including business relating to recycling and charity-to-business linking.

After graduating from Brigham Young University, I began my career in the banking industry. After the management and audit training I joined the commercial banking team. Later I was the youngest branch manager in the history of the bank.

An opportunity developed in a civil engineering company that needed a new CFO and a construction materials mining company needing additional financial support. Two major tasks I accomplished at the Engineering Company were to structure a tax free split of the company. This was accomplished and a formal IRS letter of ruling was received ratifying the transaction. The second task was to find new investors to buy out the current owners. After this was accomplished in 2000 it allowed me to devote 100% of my time to the mining and recycling company – WYROC.

This company grew under my direction (and a great team) from selling less than 250,000 tons a year to over one and a half million tons per year. The company grew under my direction from a single site in North San Diego County to 5 active operations reaching from North San Diego County to the High Desert along the Interstate 15 corridor. In addition, I pioneered the use of recycled construction materials (asphalt and concrete) as a viable alternative to the use of native mined material. A few years ago Caltrans, after seeing not only the quality of the new building material but also the environmental benefits, began to mandate the use of the recycled product in its projects. At one point, my operation was the third highest producer of recycled materials in the United States. Annually from just one North San Diego operation my company recycled the equivalent of three times the entire curbside residential program from the Border of Mexico to the South, North Los Angeles to the North, the Pacific Ocean to the West, and the State Border to the East – the entirety of Southern California.

Currently I am expanding focus of WYROC to the retail world and on developing a new enterprise to link business and their employees to charities.


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